• 42000 m²
  • Ekaterinburg
  • Plan B
Project description

Design solutions for internal utility networks and backup power supply systems of the facility have been developed.

A unique congress center with flexible lay-out solutions: the main convertible hall with seating for 1 500 to 4 000 people (and a 5000-seat option with a fan-zone), over 20 conference halls, including meeting rooms, mass media rooms and lounge areas. Restaurant and lounge areas. Vip Lounge. Smart management of conference rooms.

A multifaceted, significant object, made in cooperation with various organizations. One of the main requirements was the possession of BIM software by all participants in the design and construction, for the operational analysis of the model.

One of the features of the project was the design of engineering systems of the conference hall, where it was required to observe the individual climatic comfort of each person when he was in a chair.
Unique equipment has been modeled, for which there is not yet a developed library family in BIM. Various software was used to create, in particular, for modeling a metal frame – Tekla.

During the implementation of the project, workplaces were organized at the facility itself in order to promptly issue documentation when adjusting elements mounted “locally”.
Executive models of local sites have been created.

The architecture of the building was designed by British bureau Twelve Architects & Masterplanners (@twelvearchitects).