Examination of industrial safety of a chimney in Sukhoi Log - Инпад

Examination of industrial safety of a chimney in Sukhoi Log

  • Ekaterinburg
Project description

Completed scope of work:
The provided technical documentation was studied, including previously drawn up conclusions on the technical condition of building structures;
The sequence and volume of the complex of works on the examination of building structures have been established. A working program for the inspection of building structures was drawn up;
A visual inspection of building structures and their interfaces was carried out;
Performed clarifying measurements of structures;
The actual design schemes for the operation of structural elements have been established;
Identified defects and damage to building structures;
Photographs of typical defects and damages of building structures were taken;
An assessment of the strength characteristics of building materials from which the structures are made was made;
The actual and predicted loads and impacts on building structures have been clarified;
Performed verification calculations of building structures;
Conclusions are formulated and recommendations for further safe operation are developed.
Compensatory measures have been drawn up and the deadlines for their implementation have been determined, ensuring the further safe operation of the object of expertise.
An assessment of the technical condition of construction sites was carried out to determine their suitability for further safe operation, in accordance with RD 22-01-97