• 140650 m²
  • Khabarovsk
Project description

The residential complex is a three-section residential building with built-in purpose rooms and underground single-level Parking. A small number of floors, as well as a slight difference in the height of the sections creates a harmonious and balanced volume of the building.

The idea of turning planes at the wrong angles for all three sections of the complex is based on the technique of maximizing the width of visual “corridors” so that the windows of the apartments do not go directly in front of each other.

Natural stone, composite aluminum panels, clinker tiles for bricks, porcelain stoneware, solid stained glass systems with the use of high-performance aluminum profiles and energy-saving double-glazed windows are used for facade decoration. Facade solutions, taking into account the use of various finishing materials, are structurally ordered, thereby balancing the actively protruding volumes of sections.