LCD "Prime Park" - Инпад

LCD “Prime Park”

  • 380000 m²
  • Moscow
Project description

The Premium residential quarter, consisting of 9 towers of variable number of storeys, is located in the Khoroshevsky district of Moscow at 37 Leningradsky Prospekt. The modern character of the complex emphasizes the conciseness of the three-dimensional solution and the use of high-quality finishing materials.

The architectural concept of the residential complex and all options for finishing apartments were developed by the British bureau DYER.

The BIM model consists of families of modules that contain elements of cladding, galvanizing (including fire. cut-offs), insulation, glass products, Shuko profiles, brackets (including hooks, mounting ears), metal frame, pipes. A system specification has been set up for the elements of the BIM model, which allows you to collect their
quantitative indicators.

The spectacular parametric structure of the facade looks simple and understandable, however, for example, only one repeating Module contains up to 10 variants of unique adjunctions to neighboring elements and structures. And in total, the model consists of 3,500 elements.

Under the outer interesting shell there is an equally interesting composition of the structure. Numerous variations of fasteners are designed in accordance with detailed drawings of designers from the manufacturer. This is undoubtedly a significant and meaningful experience for the whole team.

The saturation of the model with elaborated families allows you to get an up-to-date picture of the composition of the walls, in any section or cross-section. All details are taken into account in the elements, starting from the cladding layer and galvanizing, ending with a metal frame and mounting products.