“City Bay” Residential Complex - Инпад

“City Bay” Residential Complex

  • 258000 m²
  • Moscow
Project description

“City Bay” Residential Complex, 1st stage of construction.

The facility is a block development of residential buildings with public facilities built into the first floors, united by a common underground part. Building consists of 19-54 floors.

It is located in Moscow, Volokolamskoe highway.

Total area of the object – 148 000 sq.m.

Work under way:
Development of working documentation of internal engineering networks (ОВ, ВК, СС and ЭОМ) for 10 buildings and underground parking (total area – 117 508 m2).
Revision of the design documentation for the internal engineering systems with subsequent passing of an expertise in the State Autonomous Establishment “Mosgosekspertiza”.
Development of information model of internal engineering systems.